Customizing great home entertainment systems for clients through objective and engaging  demonstrations.


To deliver a first rate home theater demonstration in a first rate sound room on first rate calibrated equipment that delivers an immersive experience that will have customers telling their friends and family about. This is achieved through our key competencies that have been adopted and grown over the years.

Immerse. Excite. Believe

At KEC Sound, we  build home audio video systems with one goal in mind- to immerse and  to excite, and have you believe in the emotional power of great music and movies. Our mantra has always been to offer the best attainable performace at the most competitive price levels.

Company Profile

For over a decade, KEC Sound has been the leading home audio video solutions provider. To the envy of our competition, we have earned ourselves a reputation for offering the latest state-of-the-art systems to mainstream consumers at the most competitive prices. This has garnered a strong following among a wide spectrum of consumers ranging from the total newbie to the afficionado.
This has been successfully accomplished through our proven philosophies and competencies.


Our key competencies (listed below) in audio video  derive from our innate passion for music and movies, and ever evolving technologies in the home audio video industry. This bottom-up approach has continually provided us clarity and perspective in our our chosen business direction and strategies which has kept us ahead of our competitors.

Our List of Competencies

  • Adopting a clear understanding of the fundamentals of multi-channel audio and it’s correct implementation.
  • Providing quality and informative home theater demonstrations rarely found in other audio stores.
  • Building Theater Systems for the home that rival commercial cinemas in areas of immersion, excitemement and virtual believeability.
  • Providing professional consultation and implementation of our home theaters systems ranging from the simple and basic, to the elaborate and sophisticated.
  • Keeping abreast of evolving audio video technologies, trends and developments in the movie and music industry.
  • Continually adopting skillsets pertaining to all aspects of audio/ video, as well as outside, for example: data network infrastructure, wi fi routers and access point for streaming, applicable carpentry, lighting, room treatment.

The Experience

  • A visit to a KEC Home Theater demonstration promises to be more than a plethora of rumbles and explosions. Our high level demonstrations showcase home theater standards that surpass most “me-too” establishments.
  • Drawing from our competencies, our jargon free, common sense approach demos effectively dispel myths and confusion about audio (often derived from misinformation and overinformation), thereby aligning the consumer with an objective and educated approach to his investment.
  • Going beyond home theater, our home theater demonstrations include the excitement and coolness of wireless connectivity and multi room streaming.

In short stepping in for a KEC Demonstration will have you




that your home cinema can be superior to a commercial movie theater.