Prime Series

  • Prime Bookshelf


    High-end sound that fits your livingspace. Bookshelf monitors have never sounded better.

  • Prime Center


    Crystal clear dialogue and seamless surround transitions— – delivered with world-class precision.

  • Prime Pinnacle Speakers (1 Pair)


    Smooth, crisp and refined sound without sacrificing effortless bass and jaw-dropping impact. Prime Pinnacle speakers render the finest musical details with breathtaking clarity and deliver massive cinematic dynamics to bring thrilling and immersive sound within everyone’s reach.

    All-new driver array features first-ever 5.25-inch midrange and triple woofer design with 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter for revealing highs with deep, room-energizing bass and crisp dynamics at all listening levels. SoundMatch 3-way crossover maintains pinpoint accuracy and silky-smooth transitions with expansive soundstage and precise imaging for largest “sweet spot” possible.

  • Prime Satellite


    A fresh approach to satellites—the smallest speaker in our line is engineered to produce deceptively big sound. Never before has a satellite speaker delivered such accurate, convincing, high-end sound.

  • Prime Towers


    Prime Towers are the robust foundation of a great 2-channel or multi-channel system: Refined yet ready-to-rumble, this impressive pair performs at a world-class level.

  • Ultra Bookshelf – Piano Gloss Black (1 pair)


    Reference bookshelf speakers with astonishing dynamics and imaging, unveiled highs and amazing low frequency extension.

  • Ultra Center – Piano Gloss Black (1 pc)


    Reference 3-way Ultra Center speaker anchors the front stage of a home theater with stunning dynamics, massive soundstage and pristine clarity for unerring realism and dialogue intelligibility. The 3-way design with 1-inch dome tweeter, 4-inch vertically-aligned midrange driver and dual 6.5-inch woofers produces outstanding dispersion characteristics for accurate frequency response at all listening positions.