Sealed Subwoofers

  • SB -2000


    500 Watt DSP Controlled, 12″ Compact Sealed Subwoofer

  • SB-1000


    300 Watt DSP Controlled, 12″ Ultra Compact Sealed Subwoofer.

  • SB-4000 Subwoofer


    SB-4000 rated conservatively at 1,200 watts RMS, and 4,000+ watts peak power, the SB-4000 Sledge STA-1200D amplifier uses an efficient Class D design combined with fully discrete MOSFET output and a sophisticated Analog Devices DSP engine. The result is a level of effortless power and advanced processing not available from any other powered subwoofer manufacturer.

    Dual ferrite magnet motor assembly weighing nearly 40lbs generates immense magnetic force and excursion of the 13.5-inch driver to produce massive low frequency output well below the limits of human hearing.

  • SB13-Ultra


    1000 Watt DSP Controlled, 13″ Compact Sealed Subwoofer