Pics-Emotiva-Sub-S12 (Front w cover)
Pics-Emotiva-Sub-S12 (Front)
Pics-Emotiva-Sub-S12 (Front w cover)
Pics-Emotiva-Sub-S12 (Front)

Emotiva BasX S12 Subwoofer (12″) – Black

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The BasX S12 subwoofer is the ideal way to add the critical last few octaves of authoritative bass response to any audiophile stereo system or surround sound home theater system. The BasX S12 combines the raw power and clean low bass to make today’s power-packed action movies sound their best with the finesse and Speed to render well-recorded music in superb detail. The BasX S12 features a heavy precisely tuned acoustically inert hdf cabinet, internally braced to prevent the slightest hint of vibration, and covered with a tough attractive black vinyl finish. The powerful 300 watt RMS class D amplifier and heavy-duty low-frequency driver in the BasX S12 deliver a frequency response that extends cleanly all the way down to 25 Hz, and the volume, crossover frequency, and phase controls allow you to tailor its response to match perfectly with any combination of room and speakers. The BasX S12 delivers superb performance and world-class sound quality.

BasX Subwoofers: Performance, Power, and Simplicity

Our Emotiva BasX™ Subwoofers were designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum accurately and with exceptionally low distortion – even at high listening levels. This means that our BasX Subwoofers can deliver the dynamics and raw power you need to make a modern movie soundtrack sound truly monumental, but still offer the precision and musicality you need to get the most from well recorded music. With our BasX Subwoofers, you don’t have to compromise; you really can have it all.

Our BasX Subwoofers come in three models: the S8, the S10, and the S12. Each model includes a heavy duty high excursion bass driver, powered by a high-efficiency Class D amplifier, and offers controls that allow you to configure it to work perfectly in conjunction with your main speakers. The various models offer identical controls and similar features; the main difference is that the larger models can produce higher output levels, and their frequency response extends even deeper.

The cabinets, which are quite compact for the performance they deliver, are built of heavy, acoustically inert HDF, and are covered in attractive yet durable textured vinyl. Sculpted removable grill cloths perfectly match the outline of the cabinets, and heavy duty integral feet provide support and minimize vibration. All controls and connections are conveniently located on the rear panel, which also provides cooling for the internal amplifiers.

BasX: The Foundation of a Superb Audio System

The goal of putting together an exceptional audio system is to enrich your life with outstanding sound. It’s all about the music and the cinematic experience. It isn’t about spending a lot of money, solid gold knobs, or jewel encrusted remote controls; and you don’t need all sorts of complicated features you’re never going to use. The key to building a great home audio system is to use well-designed components with excellent technical performance and superb sound quality. Every Emotiva BasX component has been designed from the ground up to be part of an excellent home audio system. They incorporate the latest cutting edge technology and all of the features you’ll need to give you the best possible listening experience.

A Great Subwoofer For Both Movies And Music

  • A 12-inch heavy-duty low-frequency driver, with a 2” copper voice Coil on a solid aluminum former, an Injection molded mineral Filled polypropylene Cone and a large rubber Roll surround.
  • High efficiency 300 watt RMS audiophile quality class D amplifier. AC Power: 100-120 Volt/60 Hz (4A fuse), 220-240VAC/50 Hz (2A fuse)
  • Frequency response: 25 Hz to 200 Hz (+ 0/ – 3 dB) ; Tuned cabinet with slot-loaded rear port
  • Crossover, phase, and level controls for precise matching to any room and system.
  • Dimensions: 17.25” high x 16.75” wide x 18.25” Deep
  • Weight 48.5 pounds.


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